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No One Ever Tells You That Forever Feels Like Home...

isnt it funny when ppl u used to see so often just arent there anymore? ppl get so hurt by it, but y? those drifting individuals are moving on w/ their own lives, on to new and better things.

just thoughts.

i actually emailed my stepmom last night. its the first contact ive had w/ them in a few months. wrote too many paragraphs to think about. didnt realize i had that many new things to talk about. i was happy with how my dad was when he came to visit for graduation, and i thought everything would change then. should have known better...i tried to keep talking w/ them over the summer, but their email responces took longer and longer, until finally i just never heard from them. they are my family, that is one of my homes down there...but what if it is all lost to me now?

have i ever mentioned how much i love theatre ppl? its not as if i love my other friends any less, its just that now i have new ppl that i see, and theyre so different. while i used to have a problem opening up to others, the ppl ive met this semester are just so easy to talk to. they sit down and listen to ur problems, and give advice that is from mostly experience. or they just do wacky things that cheer u up no matter what. its hard to discribe...but it feels like ive "found my ppl" (dont ask, hehe).

i woke up this morning and realized somethin. I FUCKING HATE SCHOOL!!! its a waste of time. we spend numerous hours sitting in classrooms, wasting our lives. when are we going to need to know at what second a penny will hit the ground if dropped off from a cliff!!! NEVER!!! GRR...

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