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sex and music!!!

i went to that "big thing" at NWHS this morning. kinda ticked off. it would have been kewl if they just showed up in the limo. but to make a big deal about it was just...yeah...

school was kinda fun today. neither teacher in music theory was working with me. they dont understand that ive been taught a way to get the right answers, and doing what they do just screws it all up.

keyboard was...grr...drayton assigned me like a million things to work on. im ahead of everyone in the class, but not THAT ahead!! jeez. he wants me to do all the classic works of like debussay and back and mozart. and joplins ragtimes and such. *sigh*

and in broadway ive been doubed the alto "section leader". it was great!!! and he had me, tiffany, ryan, and andrew go up front and sing the song we were workin on in a quartet. it was funny. and my friend had the ability to make it sound like paper was rippin, but it wasnt. until she finally DID rip it! it was awesome!!!

and tonight is the first read through for "little mary sunshine"!! wish me luck!

ok thats all for now.
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