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crazy whiskey nights!!!

whats happened since my last update???

monday i went to megs and chilled w/ a new group of ppl. megers, la, amanda, naked dave, chad, alex, and dillon. ive hung out w/ all of them b4, but not together. it was interesting, and great!

wednesday we basically did the same thing, but dave brought leslie and la brought spenser. and there was also the addition of budlight and whiskey. and a shit load of cigarettes and cigars. i like neither of those. they suck ass!! and beer tastes like shit. but the whiskey was rather bareable. just cause it got me drunk hehe!! there was alot of drama that night, all of which will be kept between us. but it was...enlightening.

then went to chads thursday after work and chilled w/ him, alex, and dave. then alex went to drop off dave, pick up leslie, and we met him at denny's. ive never been to midnight denny's. i saw ppl that graduated 2 years ago. nikki and candice were there. and so was a friend i met from parma.

so im out. toodles
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