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can it get better than this?!?

so...where to start? college: got all the classes set. found out dani crittenten will be in the dance class w/ me. so thats gonna be awesome! going in today i think to buy my books. that will be fun. i want to start lookin at the music books and the dance one. get a head start on the basics. and what tops it all??

I JUST GOT A CALL TODAY FOR WORKSTUDY!!! they asked sandy diceaser, the theatre director, if she wanted to hire me. AND SHE SAID YES!!! so ill get $1450 for college, a $7/hr pay check, and experience behind the scenes of a theatre. ill be painting sets, sewing, and everything in between! i cant wait! and theyre doing a musical this year, so i hope i can be in that along w/ work and school.

sunday: i had found a kitten last monday. we were all ready to keep it. but she didnt eat all day saturday. and sunday i sat w/ her while she died. and afterward mom, dillon, and i went to frankenmuth. it was fun. the chicken dinner and zehnders wasnt really good. i bought a gorgeous ring. and the fudge was amazing! so was the strawberry cheese. odd...i know.

monday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! tinelle showed up randomly around noon. which distroyed dillons plans, but it was kewl. we went to the westwood and took pictures in that booth, they were odd lol. and then she took me to lunch at taco bell haha. then i came home at 4 and mom gave me money to use for cloths shopping, thats gonna be a blast! and a puzzle of a dragon, which is in the actual shape of the dragon.

then dillon came over to take me to dinner and movie. when i got into the van he had a single red rose sitting on the seat. it was amazing. then we were able to catch the 5:20 show of Lady in the Water. that movie was great. better than i expected. and we went out to Olive Garden. hed never been there, which made it even more fun. then i dragged him to the mall for those pictures. they were wacky! and he took me to the parnall playground to watch the sunset at 9:18 pm, which is when i was born. when we were on one of the jungle gyms he stood behind me and pulled out a black stone cross necklace. which he had since last x-mas on his cruise. he said he had bought it for someone special, and didnt know exactly who til now. it was the perfect b-day!

then yesterday i had work. i usually go in at 3 for about 2 hours, just to stock and such. but they were minus a few ppl and held me over til about 8:30! so i didnt eat all day til after work. i was starving. its really odd walking into wendys and sittin down to eat all by urself. oh well.

today was voice lessons. they were ok. my voice didnt wanna work right. but its ok. and im going to the secretary of state to renew my lisence. now i will be able to drive after midnight!!

extremely long entree, but oh well.

luv y'all
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